19 Apr 2007

Solomons government vows to replace antiquated earthquake warning equipment

6:42 pm on 19 April 2007

The Solomon Islands government is to update its antiquated earthquake warning systems following the tsunami earlier this month.

Government spokesman, Alfred Maesulia, says geologists have been checking the equipment following the disaster and have found some of it in need of replacing.

Mr Maesulia says the outdated equipment is not to blame for the devastation wrought by the disaster as a warning was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii.

"We have some kind of device for earthquake warning in Solomon Islands although during the past days reports from the geology reveal that some of those equipment are now very old and they should be replaced and that's where the government will come in to make sure that we have some latest equipment."

The government has declared this monday as a public holiday to remember the 52 people who died in the tsuami.