11 Apr 2007

Lawyer seeks deal for deposed Fiji PM to be allowed back to Suva

6:54 pm on 11 April 2007

The lawyer for Fiji's ousted prime minister is planning to meet the military on Friday to seek a deal that would allow Laisenia Qarase to return to Suva.

Mr Qarase has been on his home island since he fled the capital after the military takeover last year and the military maintains that Mr Qarase has to stay there for security reasons.

His lawyer, Tevita Fa, asked for a court order today to allow Mr Qarase to return to Suva for his court case later this month, challenging the legality of the coup.

Mr Fa says the court told him to seek an agreement with the military.

"The acting chief justice has made it quite clear that Mr Qarase's right to be attending his court case will never be interfered with. So what is happening the justice is trying to get these people to try and work with me and work out a compromise whereby Mr Qarase could be available at his court hearing."

Mr Fa says if they can't find a solution, he will file a court motion next week.