4 Apr 2007

Indonesia House of Reps team on info-gathering visit to Papua focus on logging

7:02 pm on 4 April 2007

Member of Indonesia's House of Representatives have been on a five-day visit to Papua province to gather information on various issues, including forestry, agriculture, marine and fisheries.

The Jakarta Post reports that the team of 12 House members led by Mindo Sianipar met with Papua's deputy governor Alex Hessegem and provincial secretary Andi Baso Basaleng.

Mr Mindon says the House members want to hear input on key issues, especially illegal logging activities in Papua province.

Mr Hessegem says that forestry development in Papua is to be reorganised, especially with regards to operation licenses for forest concessions in the province.

He says that for example the licenses for forest concessions without any activities will be revoked.

Others will be reevaluated, with any active concession holders being required to build wood processing plants.

This would enable Papua to export processed wood products, such as furniture and temporary houses, instead of only logs and semi-processed wood.