3 Apr 2007

India refuses sanctions on Fiji

10:55 am on 3 April 2007

India has refused to follow Fiji's other major trading partners like Australia, New Zealand and the United States by placing sanctions on the country following the military takeover in December.

Fiji TV reports that unlike the other countries, India has not issued any travel advisories, placed entry bans on members of the interim administration and the military or suspended aid to Fiji.

Instead, it has continued to provide assistance for the restructure of the sugar industry, scholarships for Fiji students and help for victims of this year's floods.

The Indian high commissioner in Fiji, Ajay Singh, says India has longstanding historical ties with Fiji and believes in engagement rather than isolation.

Mr Singh says India would rather help Fiji return to democracy and normalcy.

Fiji soldiers requiring overseas medical treatment who have been banned from entering New Zealand are now reported to be going to India where the same treatment is also much cheaper.