2 Apr 2007

Solomon Islands School reduces vandalism by taking action

1:11 pm on 2 April 2007

The deputy principal of a Solomon Islands High School says they've taken action in regards to vandalism by implementing a programme which seems to have worked.

Hilda Takarobo from White River Community School says they have had problems in the past with locals and students breaking into classrooms or stealing school property but it is under control now.

Another school in Honiara, Lunga School, has suspended classes after a fourth break-in in seven weeks where a large number of donated school textbooks, teachers handbooks and library books went up in flames.

Mrs Takarobo says there have been few instances of vandalism at White River this year.

"We have come up with our discipline in school and for those students who are doing that, we punish them or we might ask them to repay whatever things they broke."

Hilda Takarobo, the deputy principal of White River Community School.