2 Apr 2007

Residents of Vanuatu and American Samoa warned of high seas after earthquake in Solomons

11:05 am on 2 April 2007

The National Weather Service in American Samoa has issued a tsunami watch for the entire territory for the next five hours, following the earthquake that hit Solomon Islands.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii put the strength of the earthquake at 7.8 but Geosience Australia has upgraded the quake to 8.1.

The National Weather Bulletin in American Samoa says it is not known what sort of wave has been was generated.

However, it says that the quake of this size has the potential to generate destructive seas.

Solomon Islands is located over three thousand kilomtres west of Pago Pago and the estimated initial tsunami wave arrival may be around 2p.m. local time.

Actual arrival times may differ and the initial wave may not be the largest and the time between successive tsunami waves may be five minutes to one hour.

Residents of American Samoa have been advised to stay out of the shore water due to choppy and enhanced tides for the next two to five hours.

Residents in Vanuatu have also been warned of possible high seas....particularly the islands of Santo and Aneityum.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre says a warning and watch remains in place.