2 Apr 2007

American Samoa's Senate wants more information about fibre optic project

6:11 am on 2 April 2007

The American Samoa Senate is requesting that Governor Togiola provide information on the government's move to have the territory link up with the Southern Cross owned undersea fibre optic cable.

The governor first announced the fibre optic cable project last year, but Senate President Lolo M. Moliga says that senators "remain in the dark" about this project and its costs, with no details provided to the Fono for review.

In a letter to the governor, Lolo said the Senate was receiving bits and pieces of information from all types of sources on the fibre optic cable project and requested the governor to provide details of the project including a description and the current status of this endeavor.

He said he hoped that the American Samoa Government would continue to hold total control of the Territory's telecommunication system as it was currently set up.