2 Apr 2007

Samoa breweries head describes proposed excise tax increase a discriminatory move

6:12 am on 2 April 2007

The General Manager of Samoa Breweries Company has described the new proposed excise tax of 500 percent for Vailima beer exported to American Samoa,as stupid and discriminatory.

Foma'i Lei Sam, says the new tax through a bill now before a senate committee in American Samoa is unfair as other beers exported into the territory come under a different tax structure.

Mr Lei Sam says he is worried that if the new increase is accepted then Vailima beer will face tough competition with other American brewed beers currently sold in Pago Pago.

But he says he hopes the American Samoa authorities will re-consider the move as Samoa earns more than 2 million US Dollars from the sale of Vailima beer in the territory every year.