31 Mar 2007

RAMSI coordinator says charges laid against number of officials

9:31 am on 31 March 2007

The Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, says charges are being laid against some senior government officials and both provincial and national leaders.

The Solomon Islands Broadcasting corporation reports Timothy George told participants who attended a workshop organised by Transparency Solomon Islands in Honiara this week, that Solomon Islanders are always asking RAMSI to catch the big fish.

He said without a well-governed professional police force, much of the efforts in nation-making, including combating corruption, are likely to be doomed.

Mr George said one of the key bodies now dealing with corruption in the wider community is the Joint Corruption Targeting Taskforce of 14 police investigators drawn from both the Solomon Islands Police Force and RAMSI's regional Participating Police Force.

He said the Joint Corruption Targeting force, has a very heavy case load, that has already led to charges being laid against two senior government officials, two senior statutory office-holders, three former provincial premiers, five former national ministers and two former prime ministers.