28 Mar 2007

President of Pacific Games Council denies reports of problems with facilities

9:29 am on 28 March 2007

The President of the Pacific Games Council refutes there's any problems with facitlities for August's South Pacific Games in Apia.

There have been reports Chefs de Mission aren't happy with the preparation of the Games village while Guam has halved the number of its team because of its dissatiisfaction with faciltiies.

But Vidhya Lakhan says there's no need to fret.

"Facilities are first class they're not constructing a games village we will be using schools and universities to house the visiting delegations, and they have awarded tenders for people to redo the schools buildings, some of them need a coat of paint and some minor renovations so that's going to happen within two to two and half months."

The President of the Pacific Games Council, Vidhya Lakhan