27 Mar 2007

Congressman says American Samoa health clinic a big help to war veterans

7:50 pm on 27 March 2007

American Samoa's US Congressman says a new medical facility being set up in the territory will be a big help in giving assistance to its war veterans.

The clinic, officially opening in July, will be the first medical clinic in American Samoa geared towards serving the needs of war veterans.

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin says American Samoa's isolation has prevented readily available medical treatment for it's war veterans and those serving in the reserves.

He says he is happy that medical care for them is finally available.

"We have approximately 4,000 veterans in American Samoa and they are all entitled to the service of this medical clinic. We're gonna have a full time physician and someone to look at the people with mental problems, we're gonna have two nurses and we're going to have a tele-medicine system to be in touch with the major hospitals."

Faleomavaega says the veterans administrations will spend about two to three million dollars a year to operate the clinic.