27 Mar 2007

Fiji's new anti-corruption unit receives high number of complaints

11:41 am on 27 March 2007

Fiji's interim government's new anti-corruption unit says it has been receiving complaints at the rate of more than 130 a month.

The Fiji Times newspaper reports that so far the unit, formed in early January, has 400 cases on its books.

The head of the Unit , Senior Superintendent of Police Nasir Ali, told the Fiji Times it was overwhelming to see common people coming up with reports of all sorts and all forms of corruption, some backed with documentation.

He says alleging corrupt practises of past governments were also included.

The Senior Superintendent says team of investigators, including police and military personnel and the Attorney-General's office, would work out a priority list of cases to be investigated.

He says its started on complaints that have been supported with documents because it was easier for but the rest it will have to investigate and substantiate the allegations.