22 Mar 2007

Samoa police to be put on suspension with full pay

7:36 am on 22 March 2007

A police amendment bill before Parliament in Samoa would see some members of the police force put on suspension with full pay with other benefits once an inquiry is to be carried out against any allege misconduct or crimes involving officers.

The legislation is expected to be passed in Parliament.

Currently only government ministries and corporation's employees are to be suspended with full pay and not the police.

But an independent MP and former opposition Leader, Le Mamea Ropati, has questioned the government over the amendments.

Le Mamea says the government should come up with some explanation on how public monies can be recovered if an inquiry proves misconduct or a crime against a suspended police officer or a public servant.

An inquiry recently by the Ombudsman had proved allegations of sexual harassment against the former CEO of the Tourism Authority, who was put on suspension with full pay while the investigation was underway.