15 Mar 2007

Reverse osmosis machines operating for drought-hit residents in the Marshall Islands

2:30 pm on 15 March 2007

Residents in the Marshall Islands capital, Majuro, are now using water produced from osmosis machines as water levels in the main reservoir continue to fall as a result of the drought.

The administrative manager of the Majuro Water and Sewer company, Alington Robert, says people are now only being supplied with water twice a week and that may be reduced to one day.

He says the company is expecting a state of emergency to be declared shortly and they will then send boats out to six outer islands which have had no rain since November.

Mr Robert says in the meantime, the company has set up three reverse osmosis water making machines on Majuro.

"We've placed them on the end, the middle and the other end of the island for people to come and get just drinking water. They have two small ones and one big one. The big one is producing 6,000 a day and the two small ones are producing 2,000 a day."

Mr Robert says supplies of water will be sent to the northern outer islands within the next day or two.