14 Mar 2007

American Samoa to host Olympic assembly

8:37 pm on 14 March 2007

American Samoa is hosting the General Assembly of the Oceania National Olympic Committee next week.

17 countries will be represented and more than 100 delegates, observers and media are expected at the three-day assembly which will be chaired by ONOC President Kevan Gosper.

The President of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee Ben Solaita says being chosen as hosts for the general assembly is quite a feat for the territory.

He says there will be a huge variety of functions during the Assembly:

"The countries that are vying for the Winter Olympics will be here to do their presentation to the ONOC. Also Beijing will be here to update everybody on how their preparations are going as far as the 2008 Olympic Games will be. And then plus all of the other ONOC countries will be here with their Presidents, and their vice-Presidents and their Secretary-Generals. They're all going to be here to discuss various things that we need to do as far as the future of the ONOC is concerned."