14 Mar 2007

Britiain and France align themseves with the EU's view of events in Fiji

8:53 am on 14 March 2007

British and French diplomats in Fiji say their countries do not have to take individual stands on the current situation in Fiji.

This comes at a time when Australia. New Zealand and the United States have been strident in their criticism of the military takeover and alleged violations of human rights and media freedom.

But British and French diplomats have told Fiji TV that the concerns of their countries are the same as those of the European Union which has condemned the military takeover and called for the restoration of democracy.

The British High Commissioner in Suva, Roger Sykes, says the EU statement represents the agreed views of all member countries.

The French ambassador, Jean Francois Buffandor, says they don't need to make individual stands because the EU has reached a common position.

The head of the EU delegation in the South Pacific, Roberto Ridolfi, also says the EU presidency's views reflect their common position.