13 Mar 2007

Samoa rejects American Samoa complaint about cost of entry permits

10:43 am on 13 March 2007

Samoa's Prime Minister and minister for immigration, Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, has rejected a call from a delegation of American Samoa legislators for his administration to reconsider the increase of thirty US Dollars on entry permits.

Tuila'epa has told SBC Television that the new cost of the thirty day entry permit for American Samoan travelers would not be changed.

The prime minister insists the territory was first in introducing an increase of forty US Dollars on entry permits for his people then he suggested that both sides are now experiencing the difficulties of immigration policies by each country.

Tuila'epa's comments were in response to a call from the American Samoa legislative speaker during a meeting with Samoa's speaker of parliament last Friday.

Political analysts say the continuing row could lead to the collapse of the annual Inter-Samoa talks.