13 Mar 2007

New Zealand born Samoan athlete looking for answers

9:28 am on 13 March 2007

The New Zealand born Samoan athlete Beatrice Faumuina wants Athletics New Zealand to investigate last weekend's Australian champs in Brisbane.

In an unprecedented move non-Australian success wasn't recognised at victory ceremonies, with only the locals highlighted.

Faumuina, the former world discus champ, says she'll be calling on Athletics New Zealand to question its trans tasman counterpart over its actions.

"Because this is the first time this has ever happened, and would like to know why, who made the decision because I think the likes of us trying to save money towards travelling to compete everywhere else in the world, we could have saved ourselves 700 dollars Australian, and I could have used that towards my trip for Japan getting ready for the world champships which is far more beneficial than going to the Australian track and field champs."

Faumuina finished second in Brisbane