12 Mar 2007

Solomons' PM reins in RAMSI over provincial visits

8:06 pm on 12 March 2007

The Solomon Islands' prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, has stopped an outreach programme being run by the regional assistance mission, RAMSI.

RAMSI started its programme last week by speaking with communities in Malaita about its work.

But Mr Sogavare has written to RAMSI raising concerns about the manner in which the visits are being conducted.

He says as genuine as RAMSI's intentions may be, conducting an independent public relations campaign implies that the mission is not answerable to the government.

Mr Sogavare says the Government will not accept interference that undermines its sovereign authority.

He has directed RAMSI to stop the visits until there have been discussions with the government and a more co-operative effort is developed.