12 Mar 2007

Call for Solomons' new women's ministry to be properly resourced

5:50 pm on 12 March 2007

The Save the Children organisation has welcomed the Solomon Islands government's decision to establish a new Ministry of Women, Youth and Children's Affairs.

The Prime Minister's Office says that since taking office the government has seen the need to address the problems of women and youth, in the interests of national development.

Save the Children's Rose Maebiru says the government's women and youth office under the current Home Affairs umbrella is under-resourced and under-skilled.

She says she hopes the new ministry will have the resources and skill capability to implement programmes and services for women and young people.

"I think it's what we really need, and that the Ministry works together with non-government organisations, the private sector, the churches as well and the communtiy-based organisations. I think those are the crucial links that need to be established. I know there are links there already but these links need to be utilised."

Rose Maebiru hopes the new Ministry will give more access to development programmes for young people in the rural areas.