9 Mar 2007

American resident in Fiji praises military commander's leadership

4:59 pm on 9 March 2007

An American author who has lived in Fiji for the last 15 years says the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama's leadership offers a stunning opportunity for Fiji - the kind of opportunity that does not come often.

Gavin de Becker has taken out a full page newspaper advertisement extolling Commodore Bainimarama's virtues.

He says Commodore Bainimarama is a decisive leader who has been willing to take bold steps towards change and is willing to be unpopular at times.

Mr de Becker says Commodore Bainimarama's willingness to replace anyone who he feels is not doing his job is a great and valuable development for Fiji.

He says unlike in the past, those in high posts today know that they can be fired if they don't serve the people and the nation. They know that if do less then their best, there is someone they have to answer to.

On countries that have criticised Fiji, Mr de Becker says they might do better to work on the well-being of their own people.