9 Mar 2007

Fiji NGO says US report on the country is incomplete

10:26 am on 9 March 2007

A leading NGO says while this week's US State Department report on Fiji concentrates on the abuse of civil and political rights, it is deficient in many other areas.

The Citizens Constitutional Forum's Jone Dakuvula says the report is deficient in the areas of economic, social and cultural rights.

Mr Dakuvula says there is no coverage of the deteriorating poverty situation in Fiji and the increase in squatter settlements.

He says the report does not comment on the poor wages people receive in Fiji, nor on the lack of regular piped water in urban and rural areas, deficient sewerage systems and deteriorating roads.

Mr Dakuvula says the right of people to a decent standard of living in terms of housing, just wages, jobs, water and health are not being met adequately in Fiji.

He says while the US report concentrates on civil and political rights, the economic, social and cultural rights of people are also important.