8 Mar 2007

More power outages on Niue prompt demand for New Zealand to quickly send new generator

12:54 pm on 8 March 2007

New Zealand is being called on to quickly sort out delays in getting a power generator to Niue where there are lengthy power outages.

The island, which experienced a major fire at its power plant last year, is suffering pay cuts every day after one of the two diesel generators broke down.

Niue Power's general manager Speedo Hetutu, says the island has in the past had four generators while the minister of public works, Fisa Pihigia, says New Zealand needs to sort out the red tape which appears to be delaying a third generator being sent.

He says he has made the government's concerns clear to New Zealand.

"I have spoken very frankly to the New Zealand High Commissioner last Friday, pointing out to him that we can't continue on like this and that New Zealand has to make a decision very quickly to avoid future faulty [occurrences] in any one of those two generators we have at the moment."