8 Mar 2007

Fiji sugar industry exports last season expected to earn 125 million dollars

11:12 am on 8 March 2007

Fiji's ailing sugar industry managed to earn more than 125-million US dollars from exports in the last season.

The Fiji Times reports the earnings figure has been provided by the Fiji Sugar Marketing Limited and do not include the value of 45-thousand tones of bagged sugar sold locally and in the South Pacific region.

Also excluded is the 32,400 tonnes of sugar valued at 20-million US dollars which is due to leave Fiji for Britain in mid-May.

Britain is the biggest buyer of Fiji sugar taking over 177-thousand tones last season followed by the United States at 40-thousand tonnes and Japan with 13,400 tonnes.

The company's general manager, Viliame Savou, says markets are available for more sugar if production can be increased.