6 Mar 2007

Military has itself to blame for Fiji's isolation, says NZ Foreign Minister

7:48 pm on 6 March 2007

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Winston Peters says Fiji's military has only itself to blame for its country's increasing international isolation.

A call by Fiji's interim Prime Minister, the military commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama, for Fiji people living in New Zealand to stand against their Prime Minister Helen Clark appears to be attracting little political support.

The European Union is the latest international body to speak out against Fiji's Interim Administration, threatening to withdraw about 260 million US dollars of aid to Fiji.

Mr Peters says the Commodore knew full well before the event what the consequences would be if he carried out the coup.

"We spelt it out in a written letter to him which I handed to him after our discussions and covered it during our discussions so he would be under no illusions as to what would happen, that we believed other countries, other organisations like for example the EU and the UN would take steps against them, and this is all now happening. So yes, they have sadly brought it upon themselves - not the Fiji people but the military."

Winston Peters