5 Mar 2007

Beatrice Faumuina has a successful two days

10:47 am on 5 March 2007

The former world discus champion Beatrice Faumuina is showing encouraging early season form in the circle after spending a year working with the media.

The 32 year old Samoan athlete who won the world title in 1997, is showing no signs of fading into the background after success in both Melbourne and the National Championships in Inglewood over the weekend.

Faumuina threw 60.4 metres in Melbourne on Friday night and 60.71 metres in the Nationals at Inglewood yesterday, but admits she could have done better.

"In Melbourne I actually threw at quarter past nine Aussie time, which was quarter past eleven our evening, and then basically turned around had about four hours sleep hopped on a plane and travelled all day and got here about seven o'clock in the evening and then turn around and compete at one thirty, so it was just a real shame that I was tired, I mean I think I could have thrown even further, so that's an opportunity missed, but never mind there's always going to be the following week."