5 Mar 2007

Health inspections in Cook Islands to help contain on- going Dengue infections

5:51 am on 5 March 2007

The Cook Islands Ministry of Health says there are nearly 700 confirmed cases of dengue fever on Rarotonga and it is doing all it can to contain the problem.

A team of health, police and environmental officers, along with local body officials, will carry out a tutaka or health inspection tomorrow to educate people about the need to keep properties cleared of mosquito breeding sites.

The ministry's secretary, Dr Roro Daniel, says the inspections are not new but with the increase in dengue cases more inspections are needed.

Dr Daniel says the high number of cases is a concern and its doing everything possible to fight the disease.

"We would like to ensure that this epidemic is contained and people return to work and get back to good health."

Dr Roro Daniel says officials also face probelms trying to inspect the empty homes of those who have moved to New Zealand or Australia to ensure the properties are cleared of mosquito breeding sites.