28 Feb 2007

American Samoa calls for federal tax incentives to spur development

4:18 pm on 28 February 2007

The American Samoa governor, Togiola Tulafono, has told a US House commitee that federal tax incentives are needed to encourage economic development in the US territories.

He says economic development cannot occur in a piecemeal fashion but that sufficent infrastructure must be in place to support it.

The governor says federal tax incentives are necessary and appropriate efforts must be taken to help investors keep their costs down and ensure their continued viability.

The governor says technical assistance grants and operations funding from the US government are critical to American Samoa.

The governor has welcomed the three million US dollars set aside to fund an undersea fibrer optic cable serving American Samoa next year.

He says the cable would lure e-commerce business and technological applications that will diversify the private sector and create jobs and opportunities for American Samoans in the near future.