27 Feb 2007

12 million dollars not just for on field activities

11:00 am on 27 February 2007

The Oceania Football Confederation is hoping to use some of the 12 million US dollars it's received from the world governing body FIFA to spread health messages across the region.

The OFC general secretary, Tai Nicholas says Pacific people suffer from a number of preventable diseases, and if football is a way of alleviating some of those problems, then they now have the resources to do it.

He says funding won't be used just for on field activities, but also for strong health messages.

"It is obesity, it's diabetes, it's the aids in PNG, malaria in Solomon Islands. and we're even looking at illiteracy campaign, where we can buy books for schools. so when you see the money it's not going to be put really directly on to the field, through football we can help especially I think our young kids within the Oceania region."