26 Feb 2007

Sexual harassment investigation against Samoa tourism boss completed

4:21 pm on 26 February 2007

Samoa's deputy prime minister and minister of tourism, Misa Telefoni, has received the government Ombudsman's report into sexual allegations against the suspended chief executive of the tourism authority.

The report is the result of a complaint from a woman employee of the tourism authority who was the former secretary for the CEO, Matafeo Reupena Matafeo.

The tourism minister said in a statement that the report is being translated into Samoan and will be discussed at a special board meeting of the tourism authority this week.

Misa, who is the chairman of the board, is expected to announce a decision after the meeting based on whatever findings and recommendations made by the Ombudsman as a result of investigations in the past four weeks.

The suspended CEO is denying the allegations and had told the media that he doesn't know why the complaint was laid with the Ombudsman and not with the court.