26 Feb 2007

Socialist presidential candidate directs campaigning message at Tahiti

6:13 am on 26 February 2007

The Socialist candidate in the French presidential election, Segolene Royal , says if elected she hopes a ten-year plan for the development of French Polynesia can be prepared before the end of 2007.

Ms Royal gave her undertaking in a video message directed at voters in Tahiti.

Walter Zweifel has been watching the message:

"In her video message Ms Royal promises to set up a new partnership, saying under her rule, the French state would be impartial and care for both individual freedom and public safety."

She says in 2004, there was a strong desire for change but various manoeuvres were made against President Oscar Temaru.

Her comments are directed at the French UMP party and its Tahitian partner, the Tahoeraa, which has twice successfully engineered a majority in the assembly to to oust Mr Temaru from the presidency despite his election victories.

Ms Royal has also vowed to face up to the consequences of the nuclear weapons tests which France so far maintains have been clean.