21 Feb 2007

Former Fiji PM attacks Bainimarama election timetable

10:52 am on 21 February 2007

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister, Laesenia Qarase has criticised the timetable for a planned return to democracy in Fiji.

Fiji's interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama says the country will hold democratic elections in 2010, with the details drawn up in a plan he calls "a road map to democracy."

However, an Eminent Persons' report released this week wants Fiji's military to return to barracks, and urges the restoration of democracy within 2 years.

Mr Qarase says most people will be unimpressed by the Commodore's announcement.

"Well, I think the great majority of the people of Fiji will be disappointed and angered by the announcement by Commodore Bainimarama that they plan to hold the general elections in 2010. That's a good three years down the road. I think most of us would consider that unreasonable."

Mr Qarase says he's confident elections could be held much earlier than that.