20 Feb 2007

Solomons government MPs to seek removal of House Speaker

7:36 am on 20 February 2007

Government MPs in Solomon Islands are reportedly upset by comments by the Speaker of the House, Sir Peter Kenilorea.

Our correspondent in Honiara says Government MPs intend to have Sir Peter removed.after he advised members of parliament that it is unconstitutional to provide official vehicles to backbenchers chairing statutory authorities.

He reminded MPs of this after Infrastructure Minister, Stanley Sofu admitted in parliament that he had allocated vehicles to chairpersons of three statutory authorities.

Sir Peter reminded MPs that the only legal body to determine members' terms and conditions is the Parliamentary Entitlements Commission.

Mr Sofu said the government has seen fit to provide the vehicles because previous administrations had done the same.

He was answering a question from Opposition Leader, Fred Fono, who wanted to know why official vehicles had been allocated to the three backbenchers.