15 Feb 2007

Fiji barrister files papers for constitutional High Court challenge of military regime

6:44 pm on 15 February 2007

A barrister representing Fiji's deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says they are hoping the High Court will declare the military regime illegal.

Suva barrister Tevita Fa has filed papers today to begin a constitutional High Court challenge of the overthrow of the government by the military last December.

Mr Fa says that he was approached last month by Mr Qarase and has since been gathering evidence to support their case.

He says ultimately they hope to garner support from the international community to force the interim regime to call another election.

"The most important thing is this, we as a nation, or as a group, must be seen to be doing something for ourselves and with the cooperation of the international community we hope we will ultimately achieve, there'll be pressures on the present interim regime to maybe call another election."