14 Feb 2007

Ten reported dead from landslides, storms and flooding in PNG's Madang

4:25 pm on 14 February 2007

Heavy rain and storm force winds over recent weeks have reportedly caused at least ten deaths in Papua New Guinea's Madang province.

This week has seen some respite from the heavy rain, but the Madang Disaster centre says people are still experiencing flooding around the Ramu and Guam rivers.

The Centre's acting director Otto Avorosi says six people were buried alive under tonnes of mud in one major landslide.

He says three others were killed in a violent storm and another person drowned in one of a number of boating accidents in high seas.

"It has been quite terrible since the beginning of this year until now. We've been experiencing high winds, heavy rains, landslides, flooding, boating accidents. A lot of the crops and gardens have been damaged, floods have swept away livestock, cash crops, food gardens. I hope nature will be kind to us in the next few weeks."

Otto Avorosi says bad weather is still preventing his officers reaching some remote areas affected by flooding and landslides, but they hope to access them soon.