13 Feb 2007

RAMSI review needs more consultation

4:54 pm on 13 February 2007

The Solomon Islands government and the Regional Assistance Mission or RAMSI have agreed that there should be more consultation to ensure that the priorities of both agencies are aligned.

This was one of the outcomes of talks yesterday in Honiara with a team appointed by the Pacific Islands Forum.

Don Wiseman reports.

"The parties to the meeting noted that while there is is a strong focus by RAMSI on mentoring and training in its programmes the mission and the Solomons Government need to continue working co-operatively towards the agreed goal of self sustainability."

It was suggested that the forthcoming review of RAMSI would address Solomon Islands call for a continuing dialogue on an a exit strategy.

Both parties have also agreed to sort out outstanding problems over the immigration requirements for RAMSI personnel.

And the Solomon Islands government agreed to quickly finalise what it wants in the terms of reference for the RAMSI review.

The parties agreed consultation meetings should be held quarterly with the next meeting in June.