12 Feb 2007

RAMSI review talks open in Honiara

4:07 pm on 12 February 2007

Talks are being held in Honiara today to discuss the Regional Assiatance Mission to Solomon Islands following concerns expressed by the Solomons government at last year's Pacific Islands Forum meeting.

The consultations are being led by Papua New Guinea's Foreign Secretary, Gabriel Pepson, who has urged all sides to air their concerns in a constructive manner.

Speaking at the opening of the consultations, Mr Pepson says there should be no finger pointing.

He says the multi-national Forum team is impartial and keen to take up RAMSI's concerns and urge the Solomons governemnt to address them.

The Solomons foreign minister, Patteson Oti, says he wants the Forum review team to look into how RAMSI can assist the government in dealing with the underlying problems that prompted the RAMSI intervention.

Mr Oti also says deadlines should be set for some objectives as part of a RAMSI exit strategy.