9 Feb 2007

Fiji Methodists promise to help interim regime maintain stability

4:23 pm on 9 February 2007

Fiji's Methodist Church will from now on closely monitor church executives and pastors to ensure they are not part of any moves to bring disrepute to the church or cause instability in the country.

The church president, the Reverend Laisiasa Ratabacaca, announced this today following a meeting with the interim prime minister and military commander, Commodore Bainimarama, yesterday.

Radio Legend quotes the Reverend Ratabacaca as saying that any statement from the church regarding the current situation in the country will only be issued by him.

He says the church's standing committee will be responsible for drawing up a road map that could see all races in the country working together and helping the interim government move forward.

The Reverend Ratabacaca says on Sunday all members of the Methodist Church, who number about a quarter of Fiji's population, will be told what the church wants from them in helping the interim administration and to ensure that they are not used by some individuals.

The new direction for the church comes after some Methodist church officials released an unsigned statement in the church's name calling for President Iloilo to be medically examined and retired and for Commodore Bainimarama to resign as interim prime minister.