8 Feb 2007

Telecom Cook Islands continues to roll out Telehealth

8:57 am on 8 February 2007

Telecom Cook Islands is continuing to roll out a project with the Ministry of Health to link all outer island hospitals with the main hospital on Rarotonga in an online network.

Telecom's marketing manager, Keren Aviu, says so far the hospitals on Atiu, Mangaia and Mauke are able to access the area wide network, known as Telehealth, which uses satellite links.

She says Aitutaki is next, followed by the rest of the outer islands, which hopefully will be connected within the next six months to provide a service for doctors in isolated areas.

"It simply enables them quick access to information that they may want to find readily available online instead of having to ring or fax through to try and get a hold of the relevant person in the Rarotonga hospital. So, if they're not available, the doctors and nurses can go straight online and access the information."

Keren Aviu.

The doctors on Atiu and Mauke are yet to use the system with Dr Don George saying there's no technician on Atiu to repair their two computers or link to the network.