7 Feb 2007

Fiji lands ministry senior executives sent on leave ahead of corruption investigation

10:35 am on 7 February 2007

Fiji's lands ministry is next in line for the military's clean up campaign after it took over government two months ago.

The director of lands, Barma Nand, his deputy Babu Lal, and a senior official, Rumala Reddy, have been sent on indefinite leave pending investigations.

The interim minister for lands, Tevita Vuibau, says a unit from the finance ministry would be investigating the three and report both to the ministry and the public service commission.

Soon after the military administration took over in December, it said it was suspending all sales and transfers of leases on land.

Mr Vuibau lifted that suspension in mid January but adds that one of his priorities is the setting up of a unit in the Lands Department to scrutinize all land applications to prevent unscrupulous dealings.