5 Feb 2007

Conman Foster free just days after conviction in Vanuatu

1:49 pm on 5 February 2007

The Australian conman, Peter Foster, who was sentenced to two months' jail in Vanuatu, has been allowed to check into a luxury hotel after being told his sentence has already been served.

Foster told the Sydney Morning Herald by phone that he had lunch with the director of corrective services, Michael Taun, during which they agreed that his sentence had been served, under a provision for 50 per cent of a term to be revoked where the sentence was less than 12 months.

Last Friday, Foster had been in jail for two weeks when he was sentenced for entering Vanuatu illegally.

He was arrested after skipping bail in Fiji.

But he now says he has more of a chance of becoming prime minister of Australia than being extradited to Fiji.