1 Feb 2007

Solomons Government confident political ructions in Makira province will settle

2:47 pm on 1 February 2007

The Makira Ulawa provincial government in Solomon Islands will elect a new premier and new deputy speaker next week.

The premier of the province, John Stephenson Piringisau, has just been jailed for 18 months for false pretences.

It follows weeks of political turmoil for the provincial Government with the axing of ministers by the speaker.

Then after the speaker sacked his deputy last week, the deputy speaker teamed up with the rest of the assembly and removed the speaker.

The Minister for Provincial government, Japhet Waipora, says he's confident that the remaining members of the Makira government can move on from the turbulence of recent weeks.

"'They will be electing a new deputy speaker on the 6th and a new premier on the 8th. The remaining thirteen members, I think they have learnt a good lesson. I am allowing them to continue until October."