29 Jan 2007

Fiji's Interim Prime Minister and military commander confirms elections 3 to 5 years away

6:09 am on 29 January 2007

Fiji's military commander and interim prime minister has confirmed that general elections are three to five years away.

Commodore Bainimarama's confirmation came as the President's Office said general elections would only he held once the mandate of the president has been fully met.

It said the mandate included an investigation into corruption in the judiciary, a review of the Native Lands Trust Board and a review of the electoral commission along with an investigation into the general elections held in May last year.

The President's Office says the review of the electoral commission would include a census, a proper determination of electoral boundaries and proper voter registration.

It says the clean-up campaign includes the sacking of state chief executive officers.

The President's Office says the constitution will be retained and all work carried out within the ambit of the constitution.

The issues highlighted by the President's Office were among the 11 points outlined when Commodore Bainimarama handed over executive authority to President Iloilo earlier this month