27 Jan 2007

Fiji High Court orders military to stop harassing executive and his lawyer

10:22 am on 27 January 2007

A High Court judge has ordered the Fiji military to stop harassing, threatening or intimidating the sacked chief executive of the Sugar Cane Growers Council, Jaganath Sami, and his lawyer.

Lautoka judge, Justice John Connors, issued the order after the lawyer, Shalend Krishna, told the court that he had been blocked by the military from meeting with his client.

Mr Krishna also told Justice Connors that Mr Sami had left his home and gone into hiding because he had been receiving threatening calls from the military.

The lawyer said he could not prepare papers relating to Mr Sami's challenge to his sacking because he had yet to receive copies of certain decrees from the government printer.

After failing to receive certain undertakings from the interim attorney general through the state lawyer, Justice Connors issued his order to the military not to threaten, harass or intimidate Mr Sami and Mr Krishna.