25 Jan 2007

New Caledonians to enter NZ's Coast to Coast endurance race

11:42 am on 25 January 2007

The organiser of New Zealand's famed Coast to Coast endurance race says he's delighted that New Caledonians will compete in the event.

Four New Caledonian athletes: Franck Aita, Christophe Barrielle, Philippe Le Poul and Olivier Limozin will compete in the gruelling South Island race on February 8th.

The coast to coast organiser Robin Judkins heaped praise on New Caledonia for sending athletes abroad for such events.

"At the moment, the New Caledonian government is doing something quite interesting. They're actually being very pro-active about the Pacific region and they are sending sports competitors throughout the region to compete in different events in Australasia and the Pacific."

Each of the men are specialists in 'Raid Gauloise', an outdoor race that includes kayaking, moutain biking, trekking and rafting 800 kilometres over five or six days.

But Robin Judkins says they'll have their work cut out for them in the Coast to Coast on the 140 kilometre cycle, 36 km run, including a 33 km mountain stage, and 67km kayak..