22 Jan 2007

PNG military lawyer says some witnesses to secret Moti flight liars of the highest order

4:31 pm on 22 January 2007

The final report of the PNG Defence Force Board of Inquiry's into Julian Moti's clandestine escape flight in October last year will highlight the many laws that were breached during the saga.

The Post Courier reports that the inquiry's recommendations will include criminal charges to be laid against some witnesses for offences such as perjury.

The senior counsel for the PNG Defence Force Board of Inquiry, John Kawi, says police should now look at investigating some of the key players and charging them with criminal offences.

Mr Kawi thinks there was a big conspiracy on a grand scale, and he says that some of those who have come before the board are liars of the highest order.

He says some officers may face contempt of court proceedings because Moti was spirited out while he had a case to answer.