22 Jan 2007

RAMSI repeats its opposition to arming Solomon's police

6:08 am on 22 January 2007

The Special Coordinator of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, Tim George, has again said that RAMSI does not support the government's plan to put guns back in the hands of the local police at this stage.

Mr George said RAMSI's first task in 2003 was to get rid of guns in the Solomon Islands and bring back law and order.

He says the assistance mission has not seen any evidence that people want guns back in their communities.

Mr George says the plans also undermine the long-term trainingthat RAMSI's Police Force has been involved in.

The Commander of the Participating Police Force, Will Jamieson, is concerned that re-arming the police force now may damage the good work that has been undertaken over the past two years between the police and the community.