15 Jan 2007

French Polynesia's new government may face no confidence motion

4:09 pm on 15 January 2007

The new government of president Gastong Tong Sang in French Polynesia may face a motion of no confidence this week.

This comes only a month after a censure motion toppled the government of Oscar Temaru.

The motion did not prompt Mr Tong Sang to abandon his trip to Paris this week to meet the French president, Jaques Chirac, but he is due to be back in the territory in the next few days.

The publisher of the Tahiti Pacifique monthly, Alex du Prel, says twenty-nine out of fifty-seven votes are needed to oust the Tong Sang government.

"On Tuesday, when the vote is supposed to take place, there will not be enough council members, so it will be postponed until Thursday. On Thursday everybody will be back from Paris."

Alex du Prel says a legality debate, over whether such moves can be filed during a special session of the legislative body, has not been resolved yet.