15 Jan 2007

Samoa opposition leader wants one hour lunches for government workers

11:07 am on 15 January 2007

The leader of the Samoa Democratic United party or SDUP, Asiata Sale'imoa Va'ai, has called on the government to reconsider it's change of working hours especially the 30 minutes lunch break for all government employees.

Asiata is supporting the change of working hours from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening.

But he has told the Samoa Observer Newspaper that all employees need at least an hour to rest before returning to work, refreshed and in a better state of mind.

The SDUP leader says he hopes the government has carried out a thorough assessment of the pros and cons of their decision.

The new working hours were announced last week and will start on the 22nd of January.

The changes do not affect private business.

The government says the changed hours for public servants will help ease traffic problems in the country's capital.