12 Jan 2007

No British ban on Fiji interim administration

12:39 pm on 12 January 2007

Britain has not placed any blanket travel ban on ministers of Fiji's military appointed interim administration.

This is in marked contrast with the actions of New Zealand and Australia which have placed a travel ban on all military personnel, members of the interim administration and their immediate families.

The Daily Post quotes the British high commission in Suva as saying that the home secretary has powers to exclude or deport any individual who is not a British citizen if he considers that their presence in Britain is not conducive to the public good.

The high commission has declined to comment on individual cases.

The European Union in Suva has also declined to comment on how it will treat ministers of the interim administration as it awaits directions from Brussels.

Asian countries have not taken any action against the interim administration.

The Post points out that the international community did not place any travel ban on ministers of the Qarase interim administration appointed after the 2000 coup even though the High Court had ruled it was illegal.